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A Unique Approach

Our program was developed by two psychologists in order to address a deficit in the field of leadership training.  Most books and seminars teach only superficial techniques in body language, but do not facilitate deep, long-term change. This is more than just a class in communication and presentation skills, it is a seminar designed to enhance the way that you use your breath and body.

We use methods from the field of Sports Psychology that are proven to optimize stamina and performance.  We also teach the Alexander Technique, which is used by elite actors in order to develop masterful control of their bodies at all times.

Who is it for?

Even though most successful business figures have already taken many courses in communication, everyone reaches a plateau at some point. The most polished leaders are always aspiring to rise to a new level. Any leader or public speaker will benifit from our methods of coaching body language, posture, breath and voice.




  • Take control of your nonverbal habits.
  • Train your voice to convey calm, powerful confidence.
  • Naturally hold yourself with commanding posture.
  • Keep a clear head and resilient body under pressure.
  • Become aware of breathing habits that facilitate a strong delivery.
  • Increase your credibility, authenticity and charisma.
  • Identify and eliminate physical habits that are draining your energy.