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dominiqueDominique Jacques, M.A.

Dominique Jacques holds a Master's in Clinical Psychology and is a certified Alexander Technique instructor. With her unique blend of innovative techniques she is able to bring about strong and positive change in people from a wide range of ages and professions. In her 40 year career as a private coach she has helped public speakers, business professionals, high performance Olympic athlests and performing artist to eliminate habits of movement that that have been holding back their performance. She has taught all over Europe, Australia and the United States.


michelleMichelle Joyce, M.S.

Michelle Joyce holds a Master's in Counseling and specializes in helping performers to overcome anxiety and has taught stage presence workshops to dancers in Europe, Japan, Australia, Mexico and the United States. She has spent time as a college lecturer, where she taught the popular class The Psychology of Stress. She is about to publish her first book on the topic of iPosture, the pain producing slouch that plagues much of the modern workforce.




business training
This man is learning to move without tension, a practice that will help him to have stamina and energy in his work day.

Dominique helping a young man to stand with presence, confidence and ease, a skill that will help him throughout his professional life.