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Introductory Presentation

45 minutes in length, no limit on audience size
Our short introductory presentation is designed as a sampler of what we can offer your company. Our goal is to help the participants achieve alert, upright posture and to understand how it will give them a commanding presence as well as promote easeful and healthy movement patterns. We will analyze photos of commanding business figures while discussing the impact of posture and nonverbal cues. The role of breath will be discussed as well as the components of a powerful voice.

About the Workshops

All of our workshops are designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Confidence and calm in high-stakes situations, presentations, pitch meetings and social settings.
  • Increased energy throughout the day
  • Ability to maintain focus for longer periods of time and to be more productive
  • Poise under pressure
  • Increased power in the voice
  • Improved timber and resonance, key to communicating confidence and gravitas

Mini Workshop

2-3 hours in length, 6-10 participants
In this workshop we delve into the subject matter of poise and presence more deeply. The size of the workshop is capped so that each participant can receive an individual analysis of their speaking, breathing and non-verbal habits. Body awareness skills and principles of body management will be discussed as hands on feedback is provided to each participant. We will explore exercises designed to unlock the secrets to breathing freely for strong voice support. Strategies for eliminating excess tension from the body for maximum physical performance, stamina and energy will also be taught.

Workshop Series

4 classes, 2-3 hours in length each, 6-10 participants
In this workshop we have the opportunity to deeply explore the topics listed above in a highly experiential way. Using the principles of the Alexander Technique you will receive a great deal of hands on guidance in a way that communicates directly to the body while giving simple instructions so the individual experiences an immediate change and learns natural body management. Our goal is not only for you to demonstrate a more calm and commanding presence on the outside, but to also feel more resiliant, energized and in command of your body.




"Strangely I have more time and find that I am no longer swept along by the pace of work and seem to have found more objectivity in my problem solving. The "buzz" of excitement has been replaced by a sense of calm that I found unnerving at first, but now recognize as a prelude to increase effectiveness."
- Fred Clarke, General manager

"I learnt to relax by myself, and it is not necessary to set aside some time. I can do it while walking, sitting, talking to people."
-Andrew Rettig, Bank officer

"Your sessions made me more alert, more controlled, more organized."
-Chris Hansen, Investment Consultant

"Now I can eliminate the tension within seconds of becoming aware of its onset. This allows me to think creatively in my preparation for the sales interview. I arrive cool, calm and collected. You have also helped me with desk work. Improved posture and relaxation techniques enable me to work for longer periods without tiring."
-Alex Filipovic, Marketing consultant


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